An Adwords campaign with lots of traffic is no good if it’s burning through your budget like a wild fire without the sales to make up for it!

That’s why we manage your PPC campaign so it not only brings in as many potential customers as possible, but also gets the absolute most out of your budget to really squeeze out every drop.

By making sure that your campaign only brings in visitors who are seriously interested in your products or services, it makes drawing in sales a piece of cake.

What is pay-per-click?

Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC commonly refers to Google Ads. It allows you to place an advert on the first page of Google for a keyword of your choice. However, the key benefit is that you ONLY pay for the advert when a potential customer clicks it!

That means that you only pay when you have a visitor land on your website who could buy your products or services. Plus, unlike organic results, you can get an advert for your website right at the top of Google almost immediately – even for the most competitive search terms.

Sales-boosting PPC management – how do we do it?

Relevancy – Matching the right webpages to the right keywords and adverts

Quality Score – The better the Quality Score of your campaign, the less you pay per click

Keywords – Making sure your keywords bring in visitors who are interested in what you’re selling

Adverts – Creating adverts which grab the attention of potential customers so they click your ad

Bids – Carefully tweaking and adjusting bids so you get more traffic for less

Campaign setup and on-going management

There’s only one downfall when it comes to PPC: get it wrong, and it can haemorrhage money without any return. It’s a bit of a minefield, which is why we can set up your campaign to make sure it brings in high quality traffic from the very first penny you spend.

On-going management also allows us to continually test and refine your campaign, so as we continue managing it, you gradually spend less and less for more and more traffic and sales.

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