Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were simply two or three things that you had to master to guarantee great SEO for your site, or even better only one?! Unfortunately there are a wide range of factors that are all weighted differently, but come together to determine just how your site fares in Google’s rankings. It pays to remember what Bing’s Duane Forrester has said, addressing marketers. He put it that “all SEO ranking signals revolve around content of some kind.” When you think of the golden rule that Social is SEO and Content is Social, then there can surely be worse places to start when addressing good SEO practice than how to create good content and how to encourage social sharing.


All of the major search engines have shifted and are ever-shifting their focus to providing the best consumer experience, so companies whose websites are populated with well written and relevant content that addresses the real concerns and needs of visitors are best placed to be rewarded and positioned highly in the search results. While there is no magic recipe to good content, there are certainly some universal truths that must be kept in mind when undertaking a content drive.

  • Avoid stuffing your articles with key words. Key words remain important but should be used cleverly and the flow and readability of articles should never suffer at the expense of their inclusion.
  • Lists and definitive or beginner’s guides are a good way to go. You can even go down the curated route here, as great curated content can help forge links and shares with other companies and is always better than half-hearted original content – which can result from a lack of time.
  • Do not shy away from content that focuses on your customer’s reviews. Peer reviews are growing exponentially in their importance in consumer decision making in all fields.
  • Think local. Creating local listings and content based around your local area and you will reap the benefits. Ensure that your address features prominently in such listings.
  • Make sure that the location you are targeting is in your page name - for example https://www.lojix.co.uk/seo-wakefield/  - Lojix here are obviously targeting their SEO services for people searching in Wakefield

Essentially, what you need to do is find your voice and become something of an authority in your niche. If your site or blog site becomes a ‘go to’ place for information then you will have succeeded. If you are struggling to uderstand what is and ins't important when it comes to SEO then check out this beginners guide to online marketing.

Social Sharing

While there is a limit as to how much of the social web search engines can crawl and thus a limit as to how much your social media activity impacts on SEO, social sharing has a very key role to play in good SEO. Of course, it can be argued that the reason you should be on social media is not for search rankings but to build up your brand and drive qualified traffic. This is all true, but let’s look briefly at how social media use can drive SEO.

  • Make your content shareable! This is another reason why lists like top 10s are great as people love a list and they can be digested on sites like Facebook. Pinterest posts are another great example of content that begs for social sharing.
  • This may seem obvious, but it pays dividends to ensure that you include a working link to your main website both in your content, but also in all of your social profiles. As well as working to boost traffic to your site, this practice is also highly valuable for link building.
  • Use competitions to encourage social shares. The more social shares you have, the more your brand name is circulated and the higher the chance of boosting SEO you will have.
  • Going back to the importance of the ‘local’ element, ensure that you have a browsable map and address on your social media pages and perhaps reference other key reputable businesses in the local area. This could create symbiotic alliances that are a real bonus for local SEO.

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