Do you have a nagging doubt in your mind that your current IT support is not quite doing the job? Or perhaps you have yet to bring in outside help and your in-house team is not keeping up with the workload. It can be tricky to recognise that you could do with ramping up your IT support until things get out of hand, but there are some very clear telltale signs that you would be wise not to ignore. This article will now set out some of the most important signs that you could benefit from better IT support, so you can begin to remedy the situation post-haste.

You have had more than one security breach

Most small businesses might set up quite basic IT security policies and maybe a cheap or free antivirus and then push security to the back of their minds. In fact less than 15% of small businesses deem their cybersecurity very effective. Cybercriminals, contrary to popular conception find no business too small to target. 2019 data from Verizon showed that 43% of cyber attacks targeted small businesses. IT companies will implement best practice and boost security policies in accordance with the very latest developments. They will also regularly backup and carry out phishing drills as well as set up a recovery plan for the worst case scenario.

Another way to improve your security is to upgrade your network cabling and preferably to cat6. 

You don’t get answers to your questions

There is nothing worse than a relationship with an IT support company in which you don’t feel heard. You send emails that don’t get replied to, or if they are the answer is unsatisfactory. You ask questions and it feels like the reply is fobbing you off. You are constantly told that what you want (though reasonable) is not possible. All of these are warning signs that your IT support company is in over their head or are not working in your best interests.

Lengthy waits

If you feel like you are not a priority customer and you have to wait a long time for service calls or visits then you may need to have a conversation with your IT support company and failing a satisfactory resolution you should consider looking elsewhere.

Return on Investment is not obvious

If you are with an IT support company who is providing you with SEO services and Google Ad campaigns then they should be showing you how your money is being well spent in terms of tangible results and increased relevant lead generation. Digital marketing these days should manifest in real return on investment and if it doesn’t there is probably something wrong with the campaign.

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