Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

Mobile MarketingMobile marketing is a perfect solution for a small business with a limited marketing budget because it doesn’t involve costly website set-up (although there really should be an online presence to back it up) and even quite a low spend can result in an effective campaign. To do things even more cheaply, a business can run its own mobile marketing campaign although it can be very time consuming. That said, it can help for a business to do their own mobile marketing as they can tailor the messages perfectly to the customer and even to local conditions – who could resist an SMS that mentions local weather or the traffic in the town centre? It can give an ad a real immediacy and make the recipient feel very special.

Watch your timing

Everyone treasures their down time so be very careful when your messages go out. An SMS or MMS at the end of an evening when the client is unwinding will not endear you. Neither would a call to action when in fact the business is not reachable wouldn’t go down well either. Being trusted with a client’s mobile number is a very special thing and if a message comes through every day it will soon get very wearing and a business may soon find themselves on the ‘blocked’ list. The personal touch that can make mobile marketing so effective should also be used to choose sensible times for sending messages as well as the frequency.

How much technology?

SMS is obviously the bog standard level and the mobile marketing method which has been around longest. It remains very popular because it is simple to do and most people, even with all the options for communication now available, still can’t help reading a text as soon as it arrives! MMS is a little more sophisticated, but needs to be used with care as not all phones can receive them and they are also heavy on memory, so they are likely to be deleted quite quickly, unlike SMS texts which tend to be left lingering more or less permanently. Moving up in the technology stakes is Bluetooth mobile marketing which sends out the message of your choice when a client is within a certain geographical location – for example, right outside your shop – whilst many people can be quite tickled by this, others find it a bit creepy (Big Brother is watching you!) and won’t react well at all, so this should be given a lot of thought, based on your typical customer base. Older clientele tend to be least receptive to this kind of advertising. Making your website mobile friendly is of course standard practice these days and if you are not already doing this, you should make it a priority as soon as web design budgeting allows.

Does it work, though?

There aren’t many downsides to mobile marketing as long as you are careful not to overdo it. When it comes to cost effectiveness it scores very highly because it can be as cheap as you like – if you don’t use an agency but utilise the time of an existing member of staff and you have a good tariff on your business phone it can be literally free – so if your advertising budget is small, then it is ideal. Targeted marketing is of course the best kind because you know that every message you send will reach an interested party. While billboards and press and online advertising have a wide sweep, most people will not respond and so ultimately it costs far more per successful sale. If you are using mobile marketing to promote a specific deal which is time sensitive mobile marketing is very much the best choice, as there is nothing that annoys a customer more than finding that they have seen an offer advert too late – because most people react to texts immediately, they will see the ad in plenty of time.

Do I have to do it myself?

The great thing about mobile marketing is that it can be done in-house if that suits you but also can be done for you by an agency. This means that you can set it and forget it and as long as your brief is clear and to the point, your mobile marketing will run smoothly with no more input from you. You will need to note feedback and adjust as necessary – this is particularly likely to apply to frequency of messaging in the first instance – but you can by and large just tick that box and get on with running your business. Look for an agency that suits your business style – mobile marketing is very hands on and friendly and so you should be looking for an agency that also has that approach.

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