There is no magic trick to finding and choosing an IT support company that will be a perfect fit for your individual needs, but following some of the key tips outlined below will give you the best chance of finding a company that will fulfil your requirements.

Going local

It may seem counterintuitive in the very industry that is shrinking the world to espouse the merits of going with a local company to your business headquarters, but having local links will help you to be able to build a strong relationship with your IT support company as well as forging a good tie to a local company with a view to strengthening local SEO. Shaun, Managing Director at Cultrix in Barnsley says that “I’m a perfectionist when it comes to IT I will admit, but at Cultrix, we’re not too serious! It’s more like family; we all support each other.” It’s this close, family feel that can also be incredibly reassuring for small businesses.

Speed of response

Before deciding on your IT Support Company it is well worth nailing them down on response times as nobody in this age of “speed and performance is everything” can afford lags, downtime and poor web performance for any period of time. Making sure that the company will prioritise you in the unfortunate event of a problem is an absolute must.

24/7 remote monitoring software

You really want that peace of mind that outside of office hours your websites and IT infrastructure is being continuously monitored for problems that can be quickly flagged up and dealt with as soon as possible.

Avoid being tied in to long contracts

The way things are at the moment with global uncertainty and almost constant flux in IT, it is certainly prudent to avoid companies that seek to tie you in for long term contracts of two years or longer. In the first instance, especially, when you really don’t know how happy you will be with your support company it is wise to seek out monthly contracts with a break clause of a maximum of two months. Most IT companies are moving to models like this, so you shouldn’t be short of options.

Data security credentials

In any meeting with a potential IT Support Company make sure you quiz them on their data security credentials and protocol as this is so important to maintaining the safety of your company data. If your industry compels you to comply with strict regulations surrounding data security you will need your IT Support Company to be fully versed in these and facilitate your continued compliance.

A telephone number that reaches actual people

This again comes back to the benefits of working with a local company, but in the event that this is not possible it is essential that you check that your IT Support Company has a telephone number that will connect you to someone who can help during office hours. Try it out. Make sure. If not you will regret not doing so.

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