If you’re not sure whether you need Google Adwords then take a look at the following to find out more about PPC advertising.


  • When you invest in PPC advertising you’ll get instant traffic which means more people will be visiting your site.
  • You can spilt test different ads to find out which is the most effective so you don’t end up paying for an ad that isn’t working.
  • When you pay for advertising, your site will instantly appear at the top of Google searches even if it doesn’t appear there naturally.
  • In general you can track your PPC traffic more accurately than your organic traffic and determine how much your campaign is costing you and how effective it is.


  • Once you stop running a campaign the benefits stop and your traffic will go down.
  • Many internet users choose not to click on sponsored listings so you could be losing a large proportion of potential customers.
  • There’s huge competition for keywords which means if the keywords you want to use are popular your campaign could get very expensive.

A Healthy Mix

In order for a website to really work it needs a healthy mix of PPC and organic traffic. It’s important to carefully analyse the site and work out which keywords should be targeted by ads and where organic searches could be improved.

Organic optimisation is a more lengthy process than PPC and it takes longer to see traffic increase. In addition professional organic optimisation usually requires a bigger budget up front. However, in terms of longevity organic optimisation is much more effective than PPC and as you’re not paying for ads you don’t run the risk of your site dropping off the first page of Google if your budget runs out.

Once you’ve got some good organic links pointing to your site its authority will continue to build even if no more optimisation is carried out so a great organic campaign can help rankings increase for several months or even years after its ended.

If you want to ensure that your site has the best possible chance of reaching the top of search engine listings and staying there then you need a  mix of both PPC advertising and organic optimisation.

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