Getting potential customers or indeed anyone to give their email address away is becoming harder and harder as people fight to keep their inboxes free of promotional mail outs and the like. There is one tool; however that seems to work time and again in getting people to sign up to mailing lists and that is the humble quiz. A well thought, topical quiz or test can prove irresistible to a large demographic and serve as an excellent enticer and precursor for lead generation.

Why are email addresses so important to obtain? Well, when you consider that on average, websites benefit from a sales conversion rate of only 1-2% - meaning over 95% of visitors (especially first timers) leave without buying a thing – it makes sense that the first line of attack should be the obtainment of email addresses.

There is something that taps into our psyche and beckons us to say yes when it comes to doing tests and quizzes, especially those that purportedly show us something about ourselves. Psychologists have hazarded that it might have something to do with our desire to understand and like who we are as much as compare the results with friends by sharing our result and the test on social media sites like Facebook. This latter point is crucial as not only are you snaring the email address of one person, but everyone who takes up their offer of taking the test and then those who take up the offer passed on by the secondary group, etc, etc.

What sort of tests should I look to create?

There is no real formula for the test that will attract people; however it might make sense however tangentially to link the test to your line of business in order to attract the right demographic – i.e. those most likely to convert into customers. Let’s say yours is a recruitment company, you might like to set up a test that endeavours to show people what line of work they are most suited to. It might be entitled – What is My Dream Job? This is inevitably going to attract more people who are undecided on their career path than those who are settled in a steady vocation and by proxy filter out those who would be unlikely to become clients. The test also offers you the platform to advertise your services via neat, unobtrusive advertisements or even clickable links.

When to pop the question and ask for the email address?

Let’s look at the two possibilities and analyse the pros of asking before and after the test.

Option 1: Asking for the email before the test

This way we are assuming that the user is so enticed by our juicy test, so enamoured by the potential benefits that they have no option but to give the email address and reap the rewards. You also have the added benefit, should you choose this approach of obtaining the email addresses of all who start the test, as opposed to only those who go on to finish it.

Option 2: Asking for the email after the test

This way there is a significant reduction in the risk of the user not beginning the test – there is no impediment to starting. You can set it up so that only a sample of the results is visible prior to the user submitting a valid email address to increase their motivation to give it up. Also upon submission they will be offered the usual “share your results on Facebook” option, which is a further attractor.

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