Creative design has long been associated with glamorous B2C marketing campaigns, but increasingly it is being adopted by B2B companies looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level. Unfortunately, this has been with mixed success. In this blog, we offer 3 sure-fire tips for ensuring your B2B design converts…

 1.     Create a good first impression

 First impressions count. Whether that is an impactful website that draws visitors, an exciting design-led social media feed, striking collateral or an eye-catching brand logo, great design can make a huge difference.

The way in which your website appears to visitors is important, a bad website design could lead to a visitor being disappointed and disinterested. In order to create a good impression, you should consider not only the design but also the usability of your website, in other words can users easily navigate around your site.

 There are certain things you can implement to improve your usability: 

  • Easy to use navigation bars
  • Have a simple site layout
  • Be consistent, use the same navigation model throughout all your pages
  • Make your website compatible with a variety of devices

From a design perspective, a good website should include a variety of quality interactive media such as; videos, images, infographics and GIFs, to engage visitors. In addition, website banners should be designed in a way that highlight your key brand messages.

2.     Innovation is key

Trying out new designs for a business website or marketing collateral can be risky, and businesses tend to fall into a rut of creating design work that is comfortable.

As your business is competing with a whole host of similar companies, competitive advantage is essential, and innovative design can differentiate your business. Experimenting with your design work can also lead to improved brand recognition and aid you in creating a memorable brand image.

However, make sure any design work fits with your brand guidelines to reinforce your brand identity and maintain consistency.

3.     Don’t overlook visual content

Visual content marketing is one of the most successful ways for a company to communicate with their audience. Therefore, it would be a mistake for any B2B business not to incorporate graphics into their overall business strategy, due to the various benefits: 

  • Images, videos, GIFs and infographics have been proven to deliver higher levels of engagement
  • It has the power to present a vast amount of information in a single image e.g. infographic
  • Interactive media can be used on many platforms e.g. social media, emails and webpages

Any design work should focus on engaging your target audiences, whilst integrating key business messages. 

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