Google provides a free web analytics tool called Google Analytics which gives website owners information about people that have visited your website. This includes information such as the location of where the person was searching from and tells the website owner how the person searched i.e. paid advertising, organic, social or referral traffic.

Lead Forensics offer a premium version of this that takes things to another level and gives you much more information including business name and contact details that will allow you to follow up any of these potential leads.

Easy and fast integration of the Lead Forensics software into your website means that you can quickly start working on improving your lead generation from your website.

Only 2% of web visitors actually enquire or make a purchase and getting those visits in the first place can be expensive through means such as paid advertising, email marketing or telesales.

These days most companies would agree that the best way to grow your business is online so making the most of your online marketing means trying to deal with the 98% that left your website. With the data from Lead Forensics you should be able to contact a good number of these people or companies and try to ascertain additional information from them about why they left without buying or enquiring.

Your sales people will love the data provided by the Lead Forensics software because they will have warm leads to follow up rather than the cold calling that a lot of them have to do every day.


Lead Forensics is by far the market leader in Lead Generation software. Competitors of Lead Forensics include A1webstats and Ruler Analytics and although most of the competition offer a cheaper option none of them can offer the premium service provided by Lead Forensics.

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Trying something before you buy it is always a good idea if that option is there and Lead Forensics offer a free 7 day trial of their software. So you can give it a go for yourself and see what you think.

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