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Want more sales? Just leave it to us

Everything about F5 Web Marketing is focused on making your business even more successful. From SEO and PPC advertising campaigns to website design and content marketing – it’s all designed to increase the exposure of your business and persuade more people to buy what you’re selling.

Which marketing services do you need?

seo-agency-barnsleyYou can utilise one of our individual services or even let us compile a multi-service marketing strategy which is designed to revolutionise your business and start seriously ramping up your sales. This can involve immediate sales-boosting services such as pay-per-click management alongside long-term efforts such as SEO which ensure that business success is on-going and stable.

After all, we’re here to help your business grow and keep growing instead of only initially impressing you with ‘flash in the pan’ results.

Content – words which sell

All the marketing in the world is futile if it fails to persuade people to buy what you’re selling. It’s all about quantity AND quality, which is why we can combine marketing with persuasive content services. This can involve profit-pulling articles or a high converting website to make sure that you squeeze every last sale out of your marketing spend.

Results-driven and affordable

Times are tough and the web is more competitive than ever, so if you’re looking for more sales, we understand that you may not exactly be rolling in money to begin with.

That’s why all our services are highly price competitive and tailored to your needs and budget. We offer affordable seo with no long term commitment. We never tie clients into long-term contracts or shock them with hidden costs. What you see is what you get.

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Why your business needs SEO

Having page 1 rankings on Google can change the fortunates of a business. We have helped too many business to count not to know this. We have seen people go from one man bands to having offices with 10+ staff. We have helped businesses grow from £1 million pound turnover to £5 million pounds. 

affordable SEO BarnsleyThe difference you will see from moving on to page 1 of Google either in the paid ads or the organic listings or preferably both is huge. Obviously your business needs to be competitve in whatever field you are in but once you hit page 1 you should see a big increase in sales or enquiries.

With Google Ads you can be on page 1 of Google within hours or days depending on what type of campaign you go for. With organic search results this takes a little longer. You need to use search engine optimisation or SEO to configure your site so that it is technically sound and you need to add great content. On top of that you need to increase how backlinks you have so that your domain authority improves.

I beleive a balance of both SEO and Google ads is the best combination to having a successful online business. 

Some of the customers benefiting from our SEO services include AccessatlastIndustrial Door Solutions, IRT SurveysOpus Pharmacy, Dermaclinic BrightonBradfield Storage , Lexxic and Matthew Stephens.

Our SEO Services:

SEO Audit

All our campaigns start with an audit of your website. We will higlight any technical errors we find and help you to correct any where possible. We might require the assistance of your web development people for advanced issues. Ideally we also require access to your Google search console account. 

Keyword Research

This is a key element to SEO. Making sure we are working on keywords that are both relevant and not too competetive is really important. If you try to go for the most competetive keywords you might never achieve page 1 rankings. If you achieve page 1 rankings with irrelevant keywords you might not get the sales or enquiries you are looking for.

Competitor Analysis

We can learn a lot from your competitors so again this is another important part. We will look at which keywords they rank for organically and whether they are active on Google ads. We can also look at what backlinks they have and what domain authority they are so we can give you an idea of how long it might take to match beat them.

Content Creation

Having good quality content on your website is so important. If you land on a website that has poor content you are likely to click straight away. At the same time if all you can see is text that might also put people off so you need to strike a balance between having lots of great content but implement it into a great design. I think a great example if this is here 

Backlinks and Domain Authority

Having other websites link to you (backlinks) is extremely important especially if you want to rank high on Google. Not all backlinks are even so you need to be aware that bad backlinks or low quality backlinks can potenitally harm your rankings whereas relevant high quality backlinks can help you move up the search engines. 

Local SEO

For small businesses local SEO can be a great way to get visits that would usually be out of reach. People tend to like to use local services so having a local Google maps presence can help hugely.


Monthly reporting is essential so that you can track how effective the SEO or Google ads campaign are. Tracking things such as Google rankings, page visits, sales, enquiry forms filled out all allow us to see which areas are working best. 


SEO and Google ads together can give your business the boost it needs. 

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